Hinges and Hardware, Box Making Supplies

Here’s the skinny on hardware. Some of the best suppliers are listed with links at right, and each link will carry you directly to the hinges used in the Fine Woodworking article.

You can also find lesser quality but useful hinges at your local Lowes, Home Depot or Ace Hardware Store

When making a box of a new design, I always start with the hardware in hand first so I can be sure to take into consideration  the requirements for its use.  How long are the screws? Their length can have direct impact on the thickness  of your box sides even before the first board is cut. Starting the box before you’ve selected your hardware is the box maker’s equivalent to paining oneself in a corner.

Don’t overlook the opportunity to make your own hardware. My Complete Illustrated Guide to Box Making shows how to make your own rustic hardware from scrap metal, and my book Basic Box Making illustrates methods for making your own interesting hinges  from wood or leather.

If you have an additional question, email Doug Stowe and you will be answered in the Boxmaking 101 Blog Item number 145286 Item 62133  Item 01B03.01

I have written a number of articles about hinge installation and hardware selection. A list of these articles can be found at

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